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About Me

My goal as a childcare provider is to help each child develop to his/her potential by providing a fun and caring atmosphere. I encourage each child to enjoy learning and exploring. I strive to create and maintain a healthy and safe environment that fosters their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. I teach children how to be confident, empathetic to others, take responsibility, appropriately express feelings, and solve problems.  I have worked with special needs children for three years through CAPFORKIDS. I also spent the last ten years working with children through Social Services. I have a huge heart for children and love working with them. Our set up is for 8-10 children we only take a fraction of that in order to maintain a caring environment. I want to be able to provide personal care in a loving and safe place. I want what's best for your little one. I feel its best in small groups. Its about your child(ren) and there happiness.  

We have so much fun working on language and literacy activities, large muscle skills, number recognition, science experiments, creative play, cooking, creative art and crafts, and music and rhythm. I truly Love working with Children. Please feel free to give me a call If you have any questions or simply would love to come see our class.
  • Certified in CPR, First Aid & Preventative Health and Safety
  • DOJ Background, Trust line Reg. TB cleared
  • Nutritional Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks
  • Affordable Rates / Sibling Discount
  • Subsidized Families Welcome
  • Assist with Potty Training
  • Provides age appropriate Toys, Books and Games for all Children in care
  • Assist and Prepare Children academically ready for Preschool, Pre-K & Kindergarten
  • Educational curriculum includes: Letter Recognition, Phonics, Beg. Reading
  • Numbers, Quantity, Counting, Shapes, Colors, Patterns and more.
  • Fine Motor Skills include: Tracing, Lacing, Coloring, Writing and Cutting
  • Circle Time, Story Time, Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, Calendar, Weather & Sharing Day
  • Safe, Clean and Non-Smoker Home
  • Quiet and Safe Neighborhood
      * Attention Kindergarten Parents I can Provide transportation : 
          ~Agnes M Baptist Elementary School 
          ~Mary Lou Dieterich Elementary


ABC's and 123's  offers a professionally designed, thematic curriculum; complete with lesson plans, progress reports, portfolios and newsletters for parents to use as a guide.

Children learn through hands on play and structured activities in our well organized learning centers. Our classroom is organized into "learning environments." These are the places within our classroom where the children can find the toys and materials related by theme, interest, and skills. These activities and toys can be used independently by the children, or with teacher direction, to reinforce and enrich skills and concepts they need. Learning environments are an excellent way to individualize the curriculum to meet the varying needs of young children.


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